The Affordable Care Act changes everything, except the fact that employee benefits are an important way to gain and retain top employees.  But what plan do you offer and how do you afford it?  Some employers are required to offer their employees health coverage, but what rules apply?

  • Are you a small group or a big group?
  • What if I have part time employees?
  • What is the “Employer Shared Responsibility” Provision of the ACA, does it apply to me?
  • Can I give employees a defined contribution and let them pick a plan?
  • Wow, I just saw what the ACA rating did to my plan’s premium!  What do I do now?
The options are very confusing..

  • Premium costs are escalating at unbelievable rates. Some companies can keep their current pre ACA ratings… some cannot.
  • Some small businesses are not considered a business under ACA and have to go to the individual market.
  • Some companies that were considered small employers before are large employers now…And the rules change according to whether you are small or big.

There is a lot of competition in the W Pa market so sometimes we can negotiate with carriers. It is always best to explore and evaluate all the options so you know you have the best plan at the best rate.

Kerry Cassidy, President

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