The Affordable Care Act changes everything because now individuals must have insurance plans  or be fined.   Cassidy Insurance Group can help you understand the options before you get into the exchange.  We can help you answer the questions that come up.  Issues such as…

  • What does ACA (Obamacare) mean to me? I have to do what?
  • Is this plan compliant and why should I care?
  • What about the Highmark / UPMC fight? Ie.
  • Is my doctor and hospital in the network?
  • What about if something big and scary happens – can I see the docs I want?
  • I picked the wrong plan, what can I do now?

People can obtain coverage directly with insurance companies, or through the health exchange marketplace.

Cassidy Insurance Group can help you figure out which avenue is best.

It can be hard to evaluate all the intricate details of individual insurance plans on line, all too often they are either too detailed or not detailed enough.  Even though insurance is supposed to be more accessible you still need to undertand what the fine print means.We want to help you find the best insurance plan so you can:

  • go to doctors you can trust
  • obtain the medications you need
  • stay in your budget

Cassidy Insurance Group can help navigate through this maze of options, avoid the pitfalls, and help you find the plan that is just right for you.

Kerry Cassidy, President

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