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It really should get easier for seniors, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t.  Fortunately Cassidy Insurance group is here to help!

When you become eligible for medicare, whether you are turning age 65 or ligible due to disability, all of the options for your health insurance change. Insurance companies send piles of information about insurance plans and they invite you to attend seminars.  All of these materials can make matters even more overwhelming and confusing.

  • there are Medicare Supplements, PDPs, MAPDs, PACE and SNPs.
  • each plan has its own specific time frame for enrollment
  • enrollment time frames change, not including the “Special Enrollment Periods” for specific situations!
  • every year plan benefits and rates change.

How do you keep track of it all?  You may also be concerned with out-of-pocket expenses for prescription medications and whether you might hit the “donut hole.”  You may even wonder what the “donut hole” is, we can help you with that, too.

Cassidy Insurance Group exists to help make this process easier for you.  We listen and help you

  • determine your specific needs.
  • find the plan that will work best to meet those needs.
  • evaluate the healthcare network so you can preserve special relationships with your doctors and hospitals

Cassidy Insurance Group has more than thirty years experience in the health insurance market, and we are trained and certified annually by each company we represent. Once we understand your specific needs, we can help you estimate your out-of-pocket costs for premiums and for claims — and we can do all of this without speaking in insurance lingo.

Sometimes, medicare-eligible individuals qualify for extra assistance through the State or Federal Government. These plans can help you offset premium costs and co-pays. Our benefit experts can help you determine your eligibility and get you in touch with the right folks to make it happen, and we do it all painlessly.

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